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About Us

www.parents2parents.ca is a web community built especially for expectant parents, new parents and parents with young children. It is a place to find critical information about your child’s development and how to parent effectively through those first five miracle years. But more importantly, it is a place to connect with other parents experiencing the same types of things you are. We know that becoming a parent can feel overwhelming at times – it’s comforting to know there is a place to go to talk to the experts as well as each other.


What makes us unique? 

Like most other parenting sites we have the information you both want and need about healthy child development. What makes us different is our parenting framework called Comfort, Play & Teach®. This simple, easy to understand approach builds parenting confidence, strengthens the parent-child bond, enriches the moment for the child and parent, and, ultimately, opens a world of possibilities for you both.

Another unique quality to this site is the array of resources we provide to help you gain valuable insight into your relationship as a couple and the many changes you experience upon the arrival of your baby. We cover the big issues you may face about parenting styles, temperament, sexuality, managing finances and so much more.


What you’ll find at www.parents2parents.ca

Our National Panel of Experts are here to answer the questions you may have and provide information about the subjects that matter most to you. We have nurses, doctors, financial planners, child development experts and more who have made it their work to help parents like you, to be the parents you dream of being!

You can join in discussions about important issues, challenges and successes that you have experienced as a parent and gain knowledge and insights about how other parents have dealt with their parenting struggles. You can also comment on our articles and let us know how you have dealt with the unique challenges that you have faced as a parent. 

Your personalized homepage will help you learn more about what stage of development your child is at from birth to age five. Here you’ll find age appropriate developmental activities as well as helpful tips about Comfort, Play & Teach®, our strengths-based parenting approach, and about being a positive parent.

Start your own blog to share with family and friends about your job as a parent – the most important job you will ever have. And finally, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive daily tips, contest information and to connect with other parents through our social networks.  

Parenting is scary, overwhelming and truly wonderful…we know that you want to be the best parent that you can be.  Join www.parents2parents.ca and join a community with knowledge from experts and experience from parents.  


All original content, including Comfort, Play & Teach: A Positive Approach to Parenting®, was developed by the experts at Invest in Kids. Learn more about the research behind the development of this site and of Comfort, Play & Teach.

Watch this video to learn more about the critically important work of Invest in Kids. For 18 years, the experts at Invest in Kids were thought leaders in coming to better understand Canadian parents, in their roles as parents. Unfortunately, due to funding challenges, they were forced to close their doors in September 2010. Their legacy will live on!


Watch our videos including the Comfort, Play & Teach Parenting Video series. 


The Phoenix Centre for Children and Families


The Phoenix Centre for Children and FamiliesThe Phoenix Centre for Children and Families, a longtime friend of Invest in Kids, assumed leadership for www.parents2parents.ca once Invest in Kids closed its operations in 2010. For over 30 years, the Phoenix Centre, a children’s mental health treatment centre has been administrated by a volunteer Board of Directors and funded by the provincial government.

The Phoenix Centre is host to a number of national organizations who share a common goal - to better the lives of children, youth and families across the country.

Their belief is that the family is the most basic and important of all society's institutions and the child can best be treated within the context of the family unit. Their efforts are directed towards affirming the dignity and worth of each child and family, so as to enhance the integrity of the family unit.

The Phoenix Centre is affiliated with many organizations locally, provincially, and nationally.

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