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Parenting Styles

by Maxine
Posted August 19 2010 03:59pm
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What's your style of parenting?  Barbara Coloroso, a creative parenting expert, came up with clear labels for the 3 basic styles of parenting.





Also referred to as authoritarian,This style of parenting is inflexible, controlling and relies on discipline with punishments.




This is the permissive of parenting. It's supremely flexible and sets very few limits.





This style mixes flexibility with clear limits. This style of parenting allows children to form a moral sense of right and wrong. It allows them to think for themselves and to take responsibility for their actions. It also gives them options for solving problems. For many middle-class North American families, the backbone style of parenting is generally linked with children who do well in school and are able to resist peer pressure.


Positive Parenting and Parenting Style

Positive Parenting is based on the Backbone style of parenting. The Positive Parenting approach requires consistency rather than rigidity. Your child's temperament, as well as your own, will make the Positive Parenting approach unique for your family.

With each unique family, Positive Parenting will look and feel very different. It isn’t a cookie cutter approach to parenting.  Let's look at the Positive Parenting approach with children who have different temperaments.

The Passive Child:

If you have a fairly undemanding or passive child, you may not need to set very many limits. On the other hand, this child may need you to pay attention—even if he does not seem to need it. You will need to provide a much more stimulating environment to help him realize his potential.

The Active Child:
With an active child, you may find you need to provide a lot of limits and many more physical activities to take advantage of your child’s nature.

The Sensitive Child:
If you have a sensitive child, you may need to set your limits with quiet controls. An example of this is putting your finger to your lips when you want your child to settle down. Remember to keep your own emotions at a low level. Sensitive children often stop listening and are easily wounded when harsh tones or loud voices are used.

Here is some more information about using parenting styles

What parenting style do you typically use? Do you and your partner use the same parenting style? Share your comments by leaving a comment below! 


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