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Coping: What If I Feel Like I Can’t Manage with My New Baby?

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Posted August 5 2010 11:33am
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It is very important that you find ways to get some help with your new baby, even though it isn't easy.


Try the following to help you cope with your new baby:

  • Get out of the house for fresh air, exercise and to change your environment. Exercise helps to improve mood and is a way to deal with stress. 

  • Find community resources such as exercise classes (e.g. stroller fitness), and parent and child groups as a way to meet others and to build your support system.

  • Check out local parks, libraries or even coffee shops and try to meet other new parents in your neighbourhood.

  • Arrange to have some time alone on a regular basis, time when you are responsible only for yourself.

  • Arrange for time alone with your partner.

  • Eat well.

  • Structure your day, setting small goals. For example, getting one load of laundry done and a rest in the afternoon. Going to the parent drop-in centre and making a large pot of stew for dinner and freezing the rest for a dinner next week. Don’t expect to get a lot of tasks completed – caring for a new baby takes a lot of time.

  • Sleep when you can and every time your baby sleeps. Getting more rest will help you to cope.

  • Ask for help with your baby and household chores.

  • Find someone to talk to who is a really good listener.

  • Try to accept and express negative feelings and thoughts. Think about keeping a journal.

  • Encourage yourself to think positively – write down the good or funny things that happen to remind yourself of them during bad moments.


If you find yourself feeling close to the breaking point, having a lot of trouble dealing with day to day activities, crying a lot, having trouble eating and sleeping, or feeling all your relationships are in trouble, it's time to get some outside help. Discuss this with your physician or health care provider. Don't hesitate.

In addition, you may want to contact a service, like Postpartum Adjustment Support Services-Canada. If you are in Canada, call 1-800-897-6660 for information on services near you. The earlier these problems are treated, the easier it will be on you, your baby and your family.

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