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Posted August 4 2010 03:06pm


A stroller is an important piece of baby equipment. Strollers come in many varieties and are made for many purposes, such as traditional strollers for everyday use, lightweight strollers for travelling, rugged strollers for uneven terrains, and jogging strollers for combining exercise with daily childcare duties. Strollers are also available for families with more than one baby. Choose a stroller that best meets your needs.
Many children are injured by falls out of strollers because the safety straps are not used. Children may also slide down and get their heads caught in the leg opening if they are not wearing their safety straps.
 Choosing a safe stroller:

  • Choose a stroller that allows newborns to lie on their backs. Strollers that do not fully recline are inappropriate for newborns.
  • Choose a stroller that has safety straps that include a strap for the waist and a crotch strap that fits between your child's legs. 
  • Choose a stroller that is sturdy and right for your child's weight. Check the weight recommendations provided by the company. 
  • Check that the stroller’s brakes work properly and the wheels are attached firmly. 
  • Check that the stroller has locks to stop it from folding when your child is in it. 
  • Choose a stroller with a basket underneath to carry bags or heavy purses. 
  • Choose only a stroller that you select yourself. If buying for someone else, make sure you know their choice. 
  • Consider the stroller’s weight. Lighter models do not always hold up as well, especially in urban environments. However, sometimes it is cheaper to buy two easier-to-use light-weight strollers over the stroller period of your baby’s life, than to struggle with one heavy-duty stroller.  
  • Don’t choose a reclining stroller that has leg holes that cannot close. Reclining strollers must have mesh shields or hinged, moulded footrests to prevent newborns from slipping through the leg holes.

Stroller safety:

  • Do engage the frame locking mechanism to avoid collapse
  • Keep your child away from the stroller when you’re folding and unfolding it, to avoid pinched fingers. 
  • Return the stroller warranty card so you can be notified of a recall. 
  • Use the safety belt or harness to restrain your child. 
  • Use the stroller’s brakes every time you stop your stroller, especially on an incline. 
  • Do check the size of any toys that come attached to the tray of a stroller. Make sure their size does not present a choking hazard and that they are securely fastened.
  • Don’t leave your child unattended in a stroller. 
  • Don’t hang heavy purses or other bags on strollers, because these can cause the stroller to tip over. 
  • Don’t overload the stroller with a child heavier than the manufacturer’s weight limit. 
  • Don’t place pillows, quilts or blankets in the stroller. They are a suffocation hazard, even when being used as mattresses.


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