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Bouncer Seats

by Guest
Posted August 4 2010 02:51pm

Bouncer seats—also known as “bouncy seats”—are springy, reclining seats that may help keep your baby relaxed and amused. They have a semi-upright tilt that offers the baby a view of his surroundings. The upright tilt also appears to be more comfortable for a baby after a meal.
Bouncer seats generally consist of a lightweight frame made from metal wire, tubular metal or heavy-gauge plastic. Most are curved underneath to allow the seat to rock. The reclining seat is a soft, removable, washable pad that conforms to the baby’s spine. These seats are typically used during the baby’s first five or six months, though there are larger versions available for toddlers.
Bouncer seats are typically meant for indoor use, although some models come with features that make them appropriate for use outdoors. These may include mosquito or bug netting, and a folding canopy that acts as a sunshade. Always use the seat only in the shade, even if the bouncer seat is equipped with a sunshade.
Choosing a safe bouncer seat:    

  • Choose a bouncer seat with a manufacturer’s label that states the seat weight limit, usually ranging from newborn to 9 to 14 kg (20 to 30 lbs).
  • Choose a bouncer seat with a base or rear support that is wide and sturdy to prevent the seat from tipping. 
  • Test the stability of the model in the store before purchasing.
  • Choose a bouncer seat with rubber pads or other non-skid surfaces on the bottom. 
  • Choose a bouncer seat with removable and washable upholstery, because wet diapers are bound to come in contact with the fabric.

Bouncer seat safety:

  • Supervise your baby at all times, even if you think your baby is safe and snug in the bouncer seat.
  • Follow the product instructions regarding weight limits for the bouncer seat. Do not use the seat if your baby is over the weight limit, because this may cause it to tip over.
  • Don’t place a bouncer seat on an elevated surface such as a table or counter. Always place the seat on the floor.  
  • Don’t use a bouncer seat when your baby can sit up unassisted, unless the seat is made for toddlers.


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